Application Of Biochar

Biocare Applications


When Transplanting:
Biochar works best for nurturing the soil, and thus, you can use it while planting the seedlings. For top and side dressing elements, you can choose biochar. The blend must have 20 percent compost, soil and 10 percent char. Apply this blend for settling all the new fresh plants. It is essential to add water to the plants.
When Mulching:
You can use the char at the time of mulching. While peeling back the mulch after some weeks, you will find mycelia and active roots. A little amount of Biochar (1 cu ft) covers 500 sq ft.

Adsorption Mech Biochar1
Adsorption Mech Biochar1


When Farming:
At the time of transplanting, Biochar plays a good role, by fluffing up all the soil particles. You have to apply a component that contains 10 percent of Biochar and 20 percent of compost.
When Mulching:
While you are mulching, you can spread Biomass to get the better result. It is intended for preventing the denitrification, which indicates the reduction of nitrous oxide and emission of methane. It helps in heating up the seedbed.


When Sowing:
While you are sowing, you have to apply a blend, which comprises, soil, compost and Biochar. This is helpful in making the soil fluffy and fertile. Use the blend for covering all the seeds up to the right level.

Adsorption Mech Biochar1

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