Benefits of Biochar

Benefits of Biochar

Water Soluble carbon

Another feature of our Biochar is that it discharges carbon that can be dissolved in water. For increasing the ionic value and retaining the right pH level, this is the right option. Also strengthens the release of water-soluble Carbon under dry and wet conditions

Good Nutrient Reservoir

The soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity will have an increase due to the use of Biochar. Our Biochar works as the slow nutrient releasing component, and so you no need to add more fertilizers.

Microbial Activity

The presence of our Biochar enables more feasibility to microorganisms in soil, and this microbiological process of microorganisms increases the quality of the soil. All plants depend on these microorganisms for mineralizing nutrients for its better growth rate. The soil also gets a stable nitrogen and carbon reservoir to make the biological decomposition process faster.

pH Stabilizer

The alkalinity of our Biochar has several cations, including Mg and K. All these things will balance the pH value of soil with the reduction of Hydrogen percentage. Our Biochar has the рН value of 8.6, and that is why using our Biochar neutralize soils that are acidic.

Good Water Retention

To increase the fertility of soil, our Biochar is the right option. It retains the soil water, and that’s why you do not need to add much amount of water for irrigation.

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